Saturday, 31 January 2009

CPF colleages (Dec 2008-Jan 2009)

Wa, xl looks tall in this pic. Her head touches the ceiling la. haheho... I like her green top. ^^ Though it'd be nicer with a black dress. haha!!!

Come on!! SUPERMAN!!!

Pat is so high... I think she will go crazy if it's tammy standing beside her.

Feel like playing spot the difference...

Xl yearns for a new hairstyle.

(left to right)
Third row: Lilian
Second row: Lan Si, me, Evangeline, Huda
First row: Xue Lian, Patricia, Yu Jia, Xiu Yun, Roger
Oh man, who is acting cool huh...

Yj & Pesslio

Pat & Pesslio

Temp staff!!!

Holding our "certs".

Xl kawaiine~

Ok, I'm jobless now. ><

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Fav 2008/2008 之最

Fav new singers 最喜爱的新人


Joanna 王若琳




Fav voices 最喜爱的声音


JJ 林俊杰




Fav groups 最喜爱的组合

Epik High

Big Bang

Fav movie 最喜爱的电影

The Dark Knight

L Change the World

My Sassy Girl

Fav drama 最喜爱的电视剧

Hana Kimi

Hana Yori Dango

1 Litre of Tears

Coffee Prince No 1



Fav male characters 最喜爱的男角色

Nakatsu (Ikuta Toma)

L (Kenichi Matsuyama)

Iljimae (Lee Jun Ki)

Park Yun Hu (Seo Ji Suk)

Takeru (Eita)

阿好 (林峰)

Fav female characters 最喜爱的女角色

Yang Guk Hwa (Goo Hye Sun)

Makino Tsukushi (Inoue Mao)

Kishimoto Ruka (Ueno Juri)

Fav Korean songs 最喜爱的韩语歌曲

Haru Haru (Big Bang)

1 Minute 1 Second (Epik High)

Fav Japanese songs最喜爱的日语歌曲

Prisoner of Love (Utada Hikaru)

Konayuki (Remioromen)

Fav English songs最喜爱的英语歌曲

I'm Yours (Jason Mraz)

With U (Chris Brown)

So, what's your fav 2008??? ^^

Thursday, 22 January 2009


Iljimae korean drama
Set during the Joseon Dynasty, Ryung acts as a useless gangster in the marketplace by day but at night he is a chivalrous robber who robs corrupt government officials to give to the poor. After each robbery he leaves behind a wooden branch from a plum tree at the site of the robbery to take responsibility for the robbery. The poor citizens only know him as Iljimae. Bong Soon is a hilarious girl with good martial art skills and lives as a swindler. She only loves Ryung and sacrifices her whole life for him. Eun Chae is a government official's daughter and is good in nature and usually helps miserable people. She meets Iljimae once by chance, and their sweet love story begins. However, her love puts Iljimae in a dangerous situation because an Imperial Guard also loves her.

Lee Joon Ki as Iljimae / Yong / Lee Geom
Han Hyo Joo as Eun Chae
Lee Young Ah as Bong Soon
Park Shi Hoo as Shi Hoo / Ja Dol

2008 SBS Drama Awards: Male Top Excellence Award (Lee Joon Ki)
2008 SBS Drama Awards: Netizen Highest Popularity Award (Lee Joon Ki)
2008 SBS Drama Awards: Male Supporting Award - Special Drama (Lee Moon Shik)
2008 SBS Drama Awards: Male Young Star Award (Yeo Jin Goo)
2008 SBS Drama Awards: Female Young Star Award (Kim Yoo Jung)

Iljimae MV - Flower's Letter [Eng]

Iljimae MV (OST Song)

Iljimae in action! Cool man! Iljimae rocks!!! ^^

lee jun ki iljimae ep 1-20 touching scenes

Iljimae OST Track 4 Fate
Love this song too besides hwa shin...

Iljimae OST '화신(flower letter) ' full

Lee Joon Ki as Iljimae / Yong / Lee Geom

Han Hyo Joo as Eun Chae

Park Shi Hoo as Shi Hoo / Ja Dol

Lee Young Ah as Bong Soon
Official site---
Where can you watch this drama online?---
It's really a very nice show!!! Must watch!!! Best korean drama in 2008! \(^^)/