Thursday, 31 December 2009

My Fav KPOP 2009

Top 10 Favourite Korean songs 2009
(Actually not really because I have too many favourite kpop songs le. But for the moment, from what I can recall, this would be my fav list...)
1. G-Dragon--- Heartbreaker (Woah! Look at the number of views...)
2. 2NE1--- I Don't Care
3. Wheesung--- Insomnia
4. 8eight--- Goodbye my Love
5. Shinee--- Stand By Me
6. Epik High--- Map the Soul
7. Outsider--- Loner/Alone
8. Lee Ssang--- The Girl Who Can't Break Up, The Boy Who Can't Leave
9. T-ara & Supernova--- T.T.L (Time To Love)
10. Davichi--- My Man

Top 5 Favourite KPOP MVs 2009
1. G-Dragon--- Heartbreaker
2. 2PM--- Heartbeat
3. Son Dambi--- Saturday Night
4. Epik High--- Wannabe
5. Girls Generation--- Gee

Top 5 Favourite KPOP dances 2009
1. Super Junior--- Sorry Sorry
2. Brown Eyed Girls--- Abracadabra
3. Taeyang--- Wedding Dress
4. Shinee--- Ring Ding Dong
5. 4 Minute--- Muzik

Big Bang wins “Best Newcomer”/2009 Korean Fashion Statements

Yo. Went shopping today at bugis. Bought one black dress. I like the cutting at the collar there. ^^
Going to count down at home. Watching those live countdown shows on TV now...

On the way walking back home just now, I heard a cat's meow suddenly. I turned around and realized a cat was behind me. I continued walking ahead...and it followed me! As I walked faster, it speeded up to get closer to me. OMG. I was thinking whether I should run a not but I afraid it would come chasing at me too. In the end, somehow I managed to escape... *Phew~*

Saw this good news!---

Big Bang wins “Best Newcomer” at 51st Japan Record Awards + “Gara Gara GO!” Performance

Yay~~ Congrats to my dearest Big Bang!! ^^

Check out this---

2009 Korean Fashion Statements

I like CL's sunglasses & lego rings!!! I want to buy if I'm rich! =P

2009 SBS Gayo Daejun/2PM's 'You're Beautiful' Parody

Performance Wrap Up

Check out all the awesome and wonderful live performances by many popular korean artists!!! Great shows to end the year of 2009 and let's all feel the powerful current of KPOP wave!!! ^^

Girl Groups:
*4minute - Hollaback Girl intro, Remixed Muzik and Hot Issue
*T-ara - Bo Peep Bo Peep
*f(x) - Chu ~ ♡ with Super Junior's Shindong and Donghae + Magic
*Davichi - 8282.
*f(x) and Kara - Ring Ding Dong.
*SNSD and f(x) - Sorry, Sorry.
*CL - Heartbreaker
*Kara, 4minute and After School -Heartbeat.
*2NE1 - uniform version of I Don't Care and Fire.
*Son Dambi - Saturday Night
*After School - Because of You (remix ver.)
*Kara - Honey and Same Heart.
*Brown Eyed Girls - Sign.
Watch all the HOT Girl Group performances HERE!

Boy Bands:
*2AM - This Song, Friend’s Confession and Special Performance
*2PM - 5steps
*SHINee - Juliette (acoustic ver.) and Ring Ding Dong (remix ver.)
*Park Jin Young - hit song medley.
*K.Will and SHINee's Jonghyun - For Your Love and Gone.
*G-Dragon - Heartbreaker and Gossip Men.
*Taeyang - Only Look At Me and Wedding Dress.
*G-Dragon and Taeyang - slow version of Lie and Korean Dream.
Watch all the HOT Boy band performances HERE!

*Again & Again remix
*Tired of Waiting
*Junsu's "Bump N Grind"
Enjoy your 2PM HERE!

YG Family Joint Stage:
*Park Bom and Taeyang - You and I
*CL and G-Dragon - The Leaders
*2NE1, Taeyang and G-Dragon - Let's Go Party
*Taeyang piano solo
Watch the YG Family rock it out HERE!

Special Stage:
*Where boys become girls
- 2PM - Bo Peep Bo Peep
- SHINee and Super Junior - GEE.
- Super Junior+SHINee+MBLAQ - MUZIK
- 2PM, 2AM and BEAST - Sign
- 2PM and BEAST - Mister
*2PM's 'You're Beautiful' Parody
*Michael Jackson Tribute by various Idols groups
- 2PM - Thriller
- Lee Seung Gi took - Smooth Criminal
- Beast and MBLAQ - Dangerous.
- Super Junior - Billie Jean
- All together - Beat It.
*Male Rookie Showdown: MBLAQ v.s. BEAST
*2PM and Girls' Generation on one stage!
*Lee Seung Gi proposes to Park Shin Hye!
*Kim Tae Woo, Junsu, Jonghyun, and K.Will - Special Performance
*Super Junior and Girls' Generation Special Joint Stage
- Girls' Generation - Gee, Tell me your wish / Genie Remix
- Super Junior - It's You Remix
- Girls' Generation and Super Junior together - Sorry Sorry Finale

2PM's 'You're Beautiful' Parody


Damn funny!! I love it~~ =P
Don't miss the original drama too!


Wednesday, 30 December 2009

G-Dragon, Taeyang and 2NE1 Performances @ SBS Gayo Daejun!

Woah~ GD's new hairstyle and costume... =O


Monday, 21 December 2009

JJ 林俊杰---100天


100天前 谁也无法预测会发生什么
这经历的100天 过了多久都无法遗忘…….
没有一丝声音的冰冷 关上门独自对抗
只能用仅有的力气 打开那一直陪伴的黑白键
想着那爱人时候的自己 纯真的模样 觉得温暖
倒数计时 开始
再见面的时候 说一声加油
不再轻易放手 可以一起拥抱的未来
不管第几个100天 都继续期待着……



这首气势磅礴的感人情歌,JJ自己想呈现的就是:『就算面对末日来临,还是愿意放手一搏,明知不可为而为之的坚定信念!』只要愿意相信,不再轻易 放手,不管未来第几个一百天,都让人感动的期待着!同时这也是JJ和所有支持自己的朋友的约定,接下来的每个一百天,就算无法预知会发生甚么好与坏,悲与 乐。只要愿意相信,再见面的时候,JJ要和大家一起改变命运,迎接更美好的未来! "



加油!(Feat. MC HotDog)









Still Moving Under Gunfire


Download this album:

If you like, please support by buying his album!!! ^^

Thursday, 17 December 2009

2009 Melon Music Awards

2009 SONG

Winner: SNSD - Gee

Melon Music Awards

2009 ALBUM

Winner: G-Dragon - Heartbreaker

Melon Music Awards


Winner: SNSD

Melon Music Awards


Winner: 2NE1

Melon Music Awards

2009 STAR

Winner: TVXQ

Melon Music Awards

2009 MANIA

Winner: TVXQ - Mirotic

Melon Music Awards


Winner: Kim Tae Woo - Love Rain

Melon Music Awards


Winner: SNSD

Melon Music Awards


Winner: SNSD - Gee

Melon Music Awards


Winner: SNSD

Melon Music Awards


Winner: Lee Ssang

Melon Music Awards


Winner: Bang Shi Hyuk

Melon Music Awards


Winner: Lee Seung Chul

Melon Music Awards

2009 TOP 10

Brown Eyed Girls
Super Junior

2NE1-Fire (live)
So high and so hot! =P

2pm intro
They danced so well. Taecyeon is really good at doing the heartbeat thingy! Love it.

2pm Heartbeat
They still can sing so well while dancing!

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Thai version of 2NE1 & Chinese version of SNSD???

Thailand new girl group "Candy Mafia". Not only they have the same number of members as 2NE1 and their style is similar, their music video is...

Candy Mafia's version

The background, motorbike, song melody etc are so simliar to 2NE1's fire MV! Compare with this...

2NE1's version


China girl group "Idol girls"


Big Bang’s Hite CF Photos

Firstly let me show you this cute neoprint with GD and 2NE1!! =P

8eight AWESOME live performances/Medley

Over the rainbow & 사랑할 수 있을까
This was some music competition and 8eight was the winner! And obviously after watching this performance, I totally think that they deserved it! ^^ Damn awesome combination of a mixed group. They can really sing live!

거위의꿈 & Ain't no mountain high enough
The audience were all paying full attention listening to their singing and can see that they were very touched and I'm very touched too! XD I love their second song. So high and amazing vocals...

Let It Be & Oh Happy Day
Just like CD version songs! Love their choir/acapella part. Nice man. =P *Applause*

Song Battle
Baek chan (the rapper) didn't sing much. X( But Joo hee and Lee hyun are really good!

8eight & Brown Eyed Girls 09 21 07
BEG were so different compared to now... XP

Reason+Like being hit by a Bullet+Without a Heart [Medley]
I'm really liking them more and more!

Sorry Sorry+Without a Heart Acapella
Ohmy! Love their acapella combi.... ^.+

Tonight+Beautiful+Love Letter

Wonder Girls and Big Bang to win their own artist of the year award

"The Korean governments division of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has awarded both the Wonder Girls and Big Bang as Artists of the Year. The Wonder Girls because of their successful overseas promotions in America, and Big Bang with their promotions in Japan. The two groups are scheduled to receive this award at the 2009 Korea Content Award."

Nice man! Looking forward to their new comeback... ^^

I love both songs!!! I listened to these songs when I started to love kpop!!

Friday, 11 December 2009

KPOP (Dec 2009)

Super Junior(슈퍼주니어)_SORRY, SORRY - ANSWER(쏘리쏘리 앤써)
Remix version of "sorry sorry".

After School - Because of You
The first time I heard, I thought it sounds a bit like 4tomorrow's "Tomorrow". Nonetheless, it's the hottest kpop song now. =)

U-Kiss (유키스) - 만만하니 (Man Man Ha Ni / Am I Easy)

4minute (feat. Mario, Amen) - Jingle Jingle
A very cute song! =P

Navi (나비) & Mighty Mouth - 홀로 크리스마스 (Hollow Christmas)
Christmas is coming!!! ^^

Alex (알렉스) & As One (애즈원) feat Bizniz - 하얀 겨울 (White Winter)

Subin (수빈) - Christmas and Love (크리스마스의 사랑)

Nia (니아) - Goodbye (굿바이)
A new rock girl band... Not bad. =D

Go Eun (고은) - 눈물따라
Like the chorus.

Dok2/도끼 - It's me
Don't know them but I like this song...

Nadia (나디아) - 마비 (Paralysis) Feat. Jace

1Sagain (원써겐) feat Ju Bora (주보라) - Last Christmas (라스트크리스마스)
I love both the original version and this one(which has rap)! ^^
Merry christmas everyone!!!

LeeSsang (리쌍) feat Jang Gi Ha & Faces - 우리 지금 만나 (Our Encounter)
Haheho!! This song and MV are damn funny!! XD
So different from their first hit "헤어지지 못하는 여자, 떠나가지 못하는 남자 Girl Unable to Separate, Boy Unable to Leave"...

Wonder Girls at "So you think you can dance"

Wonder Girls performed "Nobody" at "So you think you can dance".

SM Family pays tribute to Michael Jackson at the GDA/Super Junior performs Sorry Sorry - Answer

Woah~ Totally enjoyed their live performances!!! ^^

Thursday, 10 December 2009

G-Dragon a ‘child star’ /Big Bang’s new Cyon ‘Crystal’ CFs

Big Bang’s G-Dragon a ‘child star’
AH~~ He's damn adorable... His smile really melts my heart... XP

Big Bang’s new Cyon ‘Crystal’ CFs released! + Making

First ever transparent handphone! So cool~ I want!!! ^^

Friday, 27 November 2009

KPOP 2 (Nov 2009)

Yo. Long time never blog so a bit excited to post everything I want. Haheho...
U might think that my exams are over but NO! Still left one paper on next Monday but please allow me to slack for once. =P

Over these few weeks, there are many awesome new kpops released so please enjoy! ^^

2NE1 - Please Don't Go
My number one song currently!!! This song has been playing in my mind again and again these 3 days and even when I was taking my exam! You may not like it at 'first sight' but I bet you will love it after the 'second date'. ^^ Watch the live performance above. It's a really high, 'hip hoppy' and superb performance! I'm learning the dance steps now-simple but cute. They can really rap, song and dance... (Recommend to watch in larger screen for greater satisfaction)

GDragon & TaeYang: Korean Dream performance at MAMA 2009
This is not a really new song but it's in G-Dragon's solo album released in this August. However, this is the first time Taeyang & GD perform this song together live on stage! And yes, they always bring surprises to us and you won't be disappointed by this 'cool-and-hot' performance by both of them. I love their pure black and white uniforms. Really nice. GD is back to his black hair if you've noticed.

Bae Boo Jang (배부장) & Kim Boo Jang (김부장) - Lost Without You (Angel Remix)
It sounds like some english song to me. Nonetheless, I think it's a really cool and soothing song. Both their low, soft voices blend perfectly together. Makes me feel lonely though. Like to listen during revision.

Jo Kwon (조권) & Whale (웨일) - Dunk Shoot (덩크슛)
Everytime I listen to this song, I would increase my mp3 volume and dance with it. Haheho... Really. You should try. XP Interesting video.

Dynamic Duo - Guilty
Like the chorus...

Do Won Kyung - Good People (착한사람)
Like her voice, very unique! ^^

Taesabiae (태사비애) - I Love You (Feat. Dream Girls , 명준)

2PM "Heartbeat"
I won't say I love this song BUT the MV is REALLY REALLY COOL AND CREATIVE!!!!!!!!
I love the dance! It's very very interesting. I like the part (from 1.38s) where one person seems to be controlling the rest of the guys and they look so dead like zombie! Their live performance is exactly the same too! They did not lip sync while they danced. They must have trained for a very long time before showing such great performance in front of audience.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

2ne1---Baskin Robbins

Oh~~ The website, commercial and pictures are all so CUTE!!! ^^

G-Dragon and 2NE1 Nominated for 2009 Melon Music Awards


G-Dragon and 2NE1 are nominated for 2009 Melon Music Awards!!! ^^
Please vote for them!!!
then click on 'VOTE' and select the one you support.
No sign up needed and you can vote once everyday!

The website layout design is very cute anyway...

Some random cool pictures of Big Bang... =P

Friday, 13 November 2009

Taeyang’s “Wedding Dress” MV + Wallpapers + 2NE1 Ad

TaeYang(태양) - Wedding Dress(웨딩드레스)
I love the piano part at the beginning! Very nice. ^^
Sad MV story... Must watch until the end to understand the whole story. Love his R&B voice... Enjoy~

091112 2ne1 Advertisement
Cute! =P

Regretted rebonding my hair. ><" Cannot wash my hair for 2 days somemore! ARGH. I want to cut my hair again!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

G-Dragon---A Boy

G-Dragon’s “A Boy” Music Video

[FANCAM] G-Dragon - Always Acapella @ STAND UP concert
OMG OMG!!! Please watch this!
I'm really admiring GD more and more... No doubt, he's the leader. When GD heard the background music stopped, he stayed calm and immediately backed up Taeyang with his awesome beat-boxing skills! Definitely, he did not disappoint the fans there and instead showcased Big Bang's singing and beat-boxing talents and also presented another special and wonderful 'acapella' performance for them. ^^
They are just too cool. Love them...

Well, I shall update myself a bit. =P
Exams coming...><" But haven't start my revision. Others are already accumulating questions to ask lecturers. I must really try to stay away from computer now.

Anyway, for the past few weeks, been busy organising for my CCA (NUS CSC) project, Grant a Wish. We had already held 2 parties in 2 special schools. And I really find doing all these very meaningful and enjoyable. I shall elaborate more next time. We'll be having external drive in coming December. Do look out for more updates near the date and please support if you can/wish. =) Thanks.

Gonna sleep le. Tmr(no, today) is 8am lecture. X)

Friday, 6 November 2009

Brown Eyed Girls---Sign

I like their current style more than the previous one. Great performance with the fan thing. ^^ All look very cool, especially Narsha and Ga-in(both short hair).

Thursday, 5 November 2009

KPOP (Nov)

[MV Ver.2 "Making"]Park Bom (박봄) - You And I
I really like this song! Listen to it everyday this week. I like this MV version too! Get to see all Park Bom's cute expression. Haheho... i like her black dress...

Brown Eyed Girls (브라운아이드걸스) - Sign (싸인)
Though this time no hot dance but I like this song more than abracadabra honestly. =P
Ga-in is getting prettier and prettier... Haheho...

브라운아이드걸스 (Brown Eyed Girls) - 잠에 취해 (Drunk On Sleep)
I like this song too but it does not have a MV. Ga-in is the one at the extreme right! ^^

SeeYa - His Voice
I like the chorus. ^^ Sound quality not very good.

One Two Feat. Seo In Young (Jewelry)- Bad Girl 2
It's a shorter version but I believe you'll still like it though. I like this kind of one-rapper-and-one-lovely-voice-girl combination song.. Haheho... =P

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Big Bang-Hallelujah/Making of ‘Let Me Hear Your Voice’

Big Bang Hallelujah MV/"IRIS" OST
OHMY!!! I love the song very much! ^^ It's addictive.
Feel like watching the korean drama too. It looks more than a movie. Haheho! Kim Tae Hee is inside. Not forgetting that TOP participated in this drama too. =P

Making of ‘Let Me Hear Your Voice’ MV
Haha... Seungri is so funny. The dancing and kicking of seungri's butt and etc... =D May be his butt is just too tempting to others. >< Haheho... Love BB~

I cannot wait for Taeyang's "Wedding Dress"!><"

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Big Bang-Ora Yeah!/Let Me Hear Your Voice (Acoustic Version)

Big Bang - オラ Yeah!/ Ora Yeah!
Big Bang's second jap single---"Ora Yeah!" is out! ^^ Love it! Totally different style from "Let me hear your voice". More hip hop and techno... Let's dance! I like GD sing "ora yeah yeah~" part. Haheho... I wonder if they are making a MV for this song... =P

Big Bang - 声をきかせて/ Let Me Hear Your Voice (Acoustic Version)
OH~~ I love the acoustic version very much too!! >< These few days, the chorus part keeps singing in my mind. Haheho... Learning to sing this song... I like TOP's rapping part.

Monday, 2 November 2009

GD "heartbreaker" performances compilation/Seungri 'Shouting' Musical performance


Pictures from "Let me hear your voice" MV

Cool pose.

Nice pose.

G-Dragon - Compilation of "Heartbreaker" Performances
WOW PERFECT cutting and compilation of GD's "heartbreaker" performances!!! ^^
I love all his costumes!! Especially, the black and yellow suit... Haheho...
Love it~

SeungRi 'Shouting' Musical Performance
Nice vocal man! I can see that he's always working very hard for his every performances.


Sunday, 1 November 2009

(old ksongs) Ballerino/Grace/What love is like that

Leessang - Ballerino (Feat. ALI)
URGHH... It's creepy. It's quite similar to JJ lin's "killer" MV. But don't think about who copy who. What's more important is that both songs are really cool! If you like lee ssang's songs, don't miss their recent hit "헤어지지 못하는 여자, 떠나가지 못하는 남자"(Girl That Can't Break Up, Guy that Can't Leave)! It's another great song. It's topping kpop music chart now. =)

Grace - Lee Soo Young
Recently, like to dig some old korean songs... =P Haheho... Lee Jun Ki is featured in this MV!! ^^

Baek Chan - What kind of love does that? (feat. Lee Soo Young)
Baek Chan!! My recently added favourite rapper in my list... But he didn't rap in this song. Just to let you know, he's a member of 8eight. ^^ I like the beginning background of the MV. Feel like living in the 70s/80s too... Haheho!

Friday, 30 October 2009

8Eight - Forget about love and sing

8Eight 에이트- Forget about love and sing 사랑을 잃고 난 노래하네
I really really love this song!!! ^^ I really like this group combination.
I love the rapping part from 0:50 to 1:05. The female's voice is lovely and the male vocalist's singing is sad enough for you to cry. From 2:55 to 3:08, all three sing together and it's damn nice man. The MV is simple but cool. This song is released in the year 2007.

BEAST - Bad Girl(Oct 25, 2009)
I'm addicted to this song this whole week. Haheho... Watched their MV and live performances several times.

Tablo is married!

"Epik High’s Tablo and film actress Kang Hye-jung married on the afternoon of October 26 is Seoul..."

WOW I like this photo! Nice man. ^^