Monday, 13 September 2010

2NE1 Can't Nobody MV Making Film

Cool! Get to see behind the scenes and really can tell they made a lot of effort in making the MV.
Minzy is so cute! :D Haheho...

Sunday, 12 September 2010


WOOHOO~~ They are back! O(^^)O
They have put a normal, rectangular wooden bench to good use.

OMG! I love this live performance!! The story-like dance choreography is AWESOME and the dancers are really great! They made it seem like the stage or the camera is rotating around them. During the chorus part, everybody was so high and danced together HAPPILY~~~ =D
I wish I was on/below the stage with them and dance crazily with them...

Their background stage is ...WOW~ 0.0
They are like dancing under a STARRY dark night on a spaceship or moon. Haheho!

Their live performances are really entertaining and addictive. They can dance, rap and sing so well!

I happened to come across this video. Perhaps you would want to take a look to know why the Blackjacks LOVE 2NE1 soooo muuuuchhh.............. *wink*

2NE1---Can't Nobody MV released!

Third and last MV!! \(^^)/ Woohoo~ Think they have made a lot of effort in producing such AWESOME MVs for 2NE1's new album. Please support them. :D

Can't wait to watch their first comeback LIVE performance @ Inkigayo today!!!

So cute!! Se7en and his GF! >.<"

Friday, 10 September 2010

2NE1 new album/random photos

2NE1 IS BACK!!!!!!!!! O(^^)O

YG always produce AWESOME MVs I must say! :D
I have goosebumps while watching this and the song+rap are great!
6 mins is too short! Haheho... Can't wait for the third MV to be revealed tomorrow.

I like the dance choreography, especially the clapping part during chorus. Fans can learn and follow them during live performances. I like all the costumes they wear in MVs,very bright, colourful, cool and unique.
I like Minzy's new hairstyle and eye make-up this time.
I like CL's long hair and blonde!
I like Park Bom's red hair.
I still love Sandara's coolness & CUTENESS! XP IS she going rock style? She's so pretty man.