Sunday, 26 July 2009

Outsider (아웃사이더) - Comeback '외톨이 (Alone)'

He raps damn fast man... Especially the second verse after the first chorus.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Shopping with my & jl @ far east plaza-korean restaurant (200709)

JJ 林俊傑 - 愛不會絕跡 (恐龍寶貝之龍神戰士 主題曲)/Heal The World/遇见

愛不會絕跡 Love Won't Vanish

作曲 composition: JJ Lin

作詞 Lyrics: 王雅君





**永遠相信 愛永不會絕跡



就能夠無敵 YEAH~

渴望每個明天 決不放棄











心和你 越靠近


渴望每個明天 決不放棄

努力燃燒 用不完的活力





Sunday, 19 July 2009

Monday, 13 July 2009

NUS CSC Ethelontêr VI camp (010709 to 040709 )---Part 1

First meeting @ clementi mrt station... Colour of my group is BLUE! ^^ We belong to XARPHO group.

Ice-breaking session. Victor came out with a lame idea---throwing a bag of ice in the middle of the circle to announce the start of ice-breaking. Haheho! In the end, there was a puddle of water in the centre.

Same usual kind of games. Trying to remember everyone's names. But this time we had to add a fruit in front which has the same initial as our own name. E.g. Jelly jingrong. =P

Oh ya, councillors gave us each a 'xarphomonic' name. Mine is 'rongrongmon'. ^^ (pls don't laugh...)

Learning some cheers & songs.

Xarpho cheer.

Ethelonter cheer.

"Xarpho, it's morphing time! Di di di... XARPHO~~SHING!"

We are xarphomonions! This is our xarphomonion formation.

Internal hunt in school. An opportunity for us to explore around and familiarise with our school.
Our memory skills are good.

Jigsaw puzzle.

While waiting for the shuttle bus...

Where are the clues??

Very hot and bright. We had to use 5 bucks to buy as many edible stuff as possible in a mini supermarket.

Spotted me? =P

I'm not good at using chopsticks. X)

We were the second team to complete the whole internal hunt! =)

Learning SP (special pal) dance... Above are my KC (key councillors), Joel and Aiysha. ^^


I'm clumsy. ><

First blindfold-meeting with our SP. It's like blinddating la. My nickname was Barbie. (don't vomit!)

Basically we were paired up accordingly to height la. I think some of the SP couple names quite cute. I remember some e.g. Beckham & Victoria, Fann wong & Christopher lee, Mickey mouse & Minnie mouse, Donald duck & Daisy duck, Tarzan & Jane, Cinderella & Prince charming, Mr & Mrs simpsons, Liang shan bo & Zhu ying tai, Romeo & Juliette etc...

This is my SP, ken. Haheho!! His real name is Silas. He's a very nice person to talk to.

This is still not the end of the first day! After SP1, the activity that's awaiting us is the mysterious journey, I shall post it later. Stay tune! ^^

Saturday, 11 July 2009


Came back from NUS CSC camp last week. Damn fun & memorable!!! ><
Too much to say, too much to share...

Now I'm busy with CSC post projects, activities and outings.
No time to blog, no time to share yet...

Will find time later... =P

我很忙……我很忙……(~famous quote from Joel)