Thursday, 18 March 2010

Big Bang GIFs

Taeyang and G-dragon looked so different here...




"I know you are going to do that."

G-Ri love~

Taeyang-"nega ibeun wedding dress..."
Daesung- "hehe..."

G-dragon-"You're my heart heart...heartbreaker!"

Omg! I love this one! I can't do that... =P

Love his smile~ ^^

He's bored.



Haheho!! This is just Big Bang's parody drama of "coffee prince". XD

Saturday, 13 March 2010

2NE1 & BigBang rock the KPOP world!!!

I'm repeating this MV & song again and again!! Very NICE, COOL & UNIQUE!!! Have fun watching!!!
CL probably makes you think of LadyGaga, Minzy is still so cool (cannot believe she's younger than me by 4 years old!), Park Bom's new hairdo and Dara's entertaining scene...
Definitely watching once is not enough because you'll most probably miss out a few details, like their various awesome costumes, never seen dance steps, star wars reappearing, jungle background etc etc... ... ENJOY! \(^^)/

Big Bang - Lollipop 2 MV
Finally their official MV is released!!! Such colourful concept! Love it~ ^^

Epik High - Run
Tablo looks so cool with eyeliner! ^^ Watch until the end then you know what's happening.

8eight (에이트) - 유효기간 (Expiration Date)
Prefer their previous softer style. But still love their vocals.

Woah. This month is my favourite month man... =P

Sunday, 7 March 2010

I want I want!! XP

Don't you find TOP's motor car wrist band very COOL??!!! I want!!! XP His eyebrow looks like photoshopped. Haheho!! Jkg.

Nice rings and bangles! ^^

Ohman. I love their accessories. Too bad I can't find any in Singapore!

I shall aim to have such a flat tummy! (难啊……)
(Anyway, the girls above are from T-ara)

Woah~ I want that pair of jeans!!

Munyee! When go shopping?! =P

Yonghwa-Seohyun @ We got married!

Haheho... The atmosphere is so awkward. Seohyun [SNSD] is so shy though Yonghwa [CN Blue] is trying to make her more comfortable. He's really sweet and easy-going. Haha! He's always stunned by Seohyun's words, actions and hobbies. She's only 20!(same as me XP)
Argh. Hope I won't be too addicted but it's really nice to watch! =P

KPOP 2 (Feb 2010)

Yoyoyo~ Hehe my mid-term exams are finally over! At least can relax a bit though I still have a lot of stuff undone. XP

The Black - Never Again
What a sad song...

The Black (더 블랙) - 사랑도 가져가
Nice. A suitable song to sing when you feel alone or low.

Oneway - Magic
Definitely a new group to look out in 2010. Their songs (or rather their vocals) make me listen attentively to every word and every tune they sing. I like this group combination. (keeping into my playlist...)

One Way (원웨이) - One Way
Quite 'American' hip-hop style. But I love it! =P Their songs are addictive man.

One Way - U Drag
Just feel like recommending their whole album here because their songs are just too nice. Their English is good. The part where they sing together totally melts me.

Baby G (베이비 지) - Cryin Part II ft. C-Boi

Big Bang - Lollipop 2 MV (Director Cut Ver)
I think this is not yet the official MV but it's still nice to watch! I like how TOP and Seungri sway during the first sentence of the chorus. I like GD's yellow smiley face shirt!!

Kara - Lupin
Although SNSD's "Oh!" is still topping the music chart, this booming hit from Kara is definitely a threat to them. Hara is so pretty and Nicole is so cool here. I like the dance choreography for this song, especially the jerky hip sway @0:28 and the 'emergency exit' dance @0:50. Their live performance is awesome too. ^^

T-Ara (티아라) - 너 때문에 미쳐 (I Go Crazy Because Of You)
A lot of autotune and I agree with Jackson that the scenes are changed too frequent and fast such that it makes me dizzy~~ @.@ But I don't deny that the song is addictive and dance is too sexy.

T-ara (티아라) - 내가 너무 아파
This song is much gentler. Melody is nice too though it sounds quite 'familiar'.

IU - Fifth Finger [19 Nineteen OST]
Woah~~ Such a clear and smooth voice. Add points to the movie. It really brings up the ambience. Anyway, TOP and Seungri participate in the movie! =P

MBLAQ (엠블랙) - 그대 내 맘에 들어오면은 (Feat. C-Luv)

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

KPOP (Feb 2010)

Oh, please let me take a break... XP
Last month (feb) had released a lot of new nice kpops and I'd love to share with you all. ^^
Too many so I shall select those I really love...

Lee Seo Jun (of Yurisangja) - 모두 잠든 후에(feat. 김진표)

Wink (윙크) - 얼쑤
Haheho!! I'm loving Korea trot songs man~ =P

U-Kiss (유키스) - 뭐라고
I think this is better than their title song.

J.AE feat. MBLAQ(G.O) - Even If We Can't Speak Of The End
Woah.. Love it. Very soothing and romantic. One of the nicest female ballad singers I've ever heard. If I'm not wrong, she's the one who sang with Howl Goong's OST "Perhaps Love".

2NE1 - Try to copy me (날 따라 해봐요)
Yay~~ 2NE1 is back with this single!! Waiting eagerly for their MV. They rock!!!
"날 따라 해봐요~~"

Lovely (러블리) - 오늘의 날씨[The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry OST]
Sound like some christmas song.. Haha...

Paul Baek (폴백) - She
Like the chorus.

Meilin - This Is Me

4minute Hyun Ah & T-Max Park Yoon Hwa - Love Parade (작년 겨울)
Nice. =) Like the guy's voice.

Mint.B (민트비) - 발렌타인데이 다운
A very cute song!

More to come~~ ^^

2009 Cyworld Digital Music Awards

Oh yeah~ 2NE1 won the Best Rookie Group, Bonsang, Best Song and Best Artist awards.
And...2009 Ting’s Choice Award goes to G-Dragon!!! \(^^)/ Hurray!!

2009 Best 10 – Davichi for 8282, LeeSsang for The Girl Who Can’t Let Go, and the Man that Can’t Leave, Brown Eyed Girls for Abracadabra, Big Bang for Hallelujah, SNSD for GEE, G-Dragon for Heartbreaker, MC Mong for Indian Boy, 2NE1 for I don’t care, 2PM for Heartbeat, 8eight for Without a Heart

2009 OST – SS501 for Because I’m Stupid (Boys Over Flowers)