Saturday, 30 January 2010

Overheard at the National University of Singapore

Just joined this facebook group, Overheard at the NUS. Viewed some of the updates on the wall. Damn funny! Let me share with you some.
[Simply a webpage where you write down funny or weird things you've heard in NUS]

Accounting Prof (on the merits of taking an accounting module): "You can go into banking, finance, consulting... and finally, education (being a lecturer) - erm let's not talk about that"

Girl was asking her friend while studying
Girl: Eh what does ultrasound sound like?

Chem lecturer: I will let u go at 9 pm....I must be very generous ( Lecture was from 6 pm to 9 pm)

Professor talking while a technician tries to fix the projector, he has the tendency to yell: I will NOT TOLERATE HANDPHONES RINGING IN MY LECTURE!!
*phone rings*
*utter silence*
Technician: Hello? *starts walking out with handphone and talking*
Prof: *pause* He's not a student

Chemistry lecture: "So *this* orbital has to interact with *this* orbital up here, because *this* orbital doesn't have the same symmetry has *that* one, which merges to form a new orbital with *those* over there ... oh sorry, I was pointing my laser pointer on MY own screen."

A/P Kunchithapadam Swaminathan: "You can call me Prof. Swami. My first name ... is not a word. It's a sentence."

Lecturer: Singapore is producing less and less babies, maybe because of National Service, the guys lost their girlfriends while they are serving the nation. (Whispers into the mic: Maybe we should abolish national service, because i lost my girlfriend during national service too....)

French Professer: "Singaporean women are like Ice Kachang... At first, when you see it, it looks really nice and sweet on the outside... But then when you try it you realise it's actually quite cold.... And as you continue, the more you dig, the more funny stuff comes out."

In an LAT1201 final examination:
Please turn off all mobile devices, handphone and pagers.
If you all still use pagers.

"It's proven that males die younger than females. So what's the solution? Girls, marry a younger guy!" - sociology professor

Prof Bernard Tan (paraphrased): I hated it back then in school when my maths teacher showed some complicated solutions and began with, "it is obvious that..." I was lousy at Maths, that was why I took Physics.

"I saw a marshmallow gun yesterday and wanted to buy it to reward marshmallows to whomever can answer questions in class. I'll just shoot it all the way from the front," Said an amazing political science professor.

This happened 4 years ago. A huge group of students around the LT started leaving half an hour before the lecture ended.
Prof "Why are you all leaving?"
students "we have a test in 15 mins at another faculty".
Prof "Oh I see. I feel much better now"

At an Intercultural class:
"Where do you find Bangaladeshis in Singapore?" Class:" Little India"
"How about Thais" Class: "Golden Mile"
"Filipinos?" Class: "Lucky Plaza"
"China Nationals?"..........Silence from the lecture group. Then a lone voice:

Professor explaining how a rectal thermometer works: You insert the thermometer in the rectum... (no response from class)... rectum??.. (no response from class)..I'm sure you all know what rectum is? (still no response from class)....Asshole? (class goes ROFL!)

Geography Prof: So now, let's have a break. Can someone go get me a cappucino.

Maths professor teaching directional derivatives: "So we have to take the derivative of the function with respect to 'u' and we take the vector on the 'k' axis. We write it as fu k - Oh gosh we really have to choose a different letter for this next time!" ;)

Chem prof: For those of you who didn't come to the mid term test for whatever reason there will be a make up test. Please don't bring cosmetics.

Matchmaking During NUS Lecture
He's my math lecture for last sem and this sem too! He's a good lecturer. ^^

Thursday, 28 January 2010

KPOP 2 (Jan 2010)

Daesung(Big Bang) - Cotton Candy(솜사탕)
After GD and Taeyang's solo songs, here's Daesung's new single! ^^
Feel like eating cotton candy and swinging along to the 'summery' melody of the song on a large grassland, or strolling at a beach near the sea on a windy and sunny day. =)

SNSD (소녀시대) (Girls Generation) - Oh! (오)
Quite a cute song. But still not as powerful as 'Gee' I think.

2PM-Tik Tok
From the Cass Beer CF featuring Yoon Eun Hye, Nichkhun and Taecyeon [2PM].

The Film (더 필름) - 두근두근 (Tomorrow)
AAAHHH!!! Snow~~ I want touch snow, I want wear winter clothes, I want experience winter! I know it's not that romantic because it's really very cold but I want to experience it at least once! XD

Lee Seung Gi - Love Taught Me To... 사랑이 술을 가르쳐
He really has a low voice... =O Like the chorus...

HybRefine (하이브리파인) - You Can Fly
Creative group name.
They have this interesting MV "Starlight Love". The light effects are very nice sia. He's like playing some o2jam game or what. Haheho...

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

KPOP (Jan 2010)

C.N Blue (씨엔블루) - 외톨이야 (Alone)
If you like Shinwoo in "You're beautiful" drama, may be you will like this song even more!! He's so shuai in the MV. Even if you are not, this is definitely one of the best ksongs for this month. ^^

DIA (디아) - Another Boy (딴놈)
She may make you think of 2NE1's Park Bom but I find both of them different. =P
Like this song very much. Her live performance is steady and really shows off her strong vocal.

F.Cuz (포커즈) - Jiggy (지기)
Although I think the dance is not very "manly" for a group of 4 guys, I quite like it actually. Perhaps, I'd prefer 2NE1 dances to it instead. Haheho...

ZE:A-Love Coach
Instead of recommending their first hit "Mazeltov", I prefer this song to the latter. This group has a lot of people man... Although their dance is so more cool, F.Cuz gives me a deeper impression. These 2 boy groups are just introduced this month.

어니스트 (Ernest) - Because I'm Weary [God of Study OST]
Nice OST. I'm already weary though school just started. ><"
Feel like watching this drama... XP Looks interesting. Moreover, the guy in the middle and the one at the extreme right acted in "Queen Seon Deok" too!! Anyway, QSD is really an awesome historical korean drama you shouldn't miss if you like "Jewel in the Palace/Da chang jin", "Iljimae" or "Hong Gil dong" like me!! \(^^)/

Big Bang---Haru Haru (Acoustic LIVE version)

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Blu Jaz Cafe

Didn't dare to use flash... XP



Yesterday (Tuesday) was not my day man...

Had my lecture from 12pm to 2pm, then the next one was 6pm. So, was like nuahing in computer lab for 3 hours plus. Had Japanese food for my lunch-cum-dinner. It was curry rice with fried chicken, dory fish, crab meat and soup.

After my lecture ended at 8pm, the bus I managed to get in was really really SQUEEZY. 2 tall guys were standing beside me.

Later I was in the train with my 2 other friends, suddenly I felt great pain in my stomach! ><"" The intensity of pain increased gradually and I almost crossed my legs already. (That was so embarrassing...) My vision started to blur and I could barely see my friends... Then, my ears went blocked and I couldn't hear my friends clearly too... I was too painful to be scared la. I immediately held on to one of my friends and we alighted straight away... Felt much better after going to the toilet. XD

I was wondering what happened... Was it because of the Japanese food I ate previously or was it due to lack of oxygen in the crowded bus... Or may be I should start learning to lead a healthier lifestyle... ...
Time to sleep le! XP

Friday, 8 January 2010

KPOP 2 (Dec 2009)

H-Eugene-사랑경보 Love Warning (Feat. Joo Hee Of 8Eight)
I really like Joo Hee's voice man. Powerful, heavenly... Reminds me of Maria Carey sometimes.

FT.Triple- Love Letter
Although I wish Hongki is inside too, FT Triple (instead of FT island) still did a great job for this sorrowful song. So young and talented... XP

Namolla Family- Breakdown
I like this song! Unique group name, unique group combination...

Namolla Family-아이처럼 Like a child (feat. 강민희)

Super Junior Ryeowook - Insomnia
First original version is from Craig David, then followed by a korean version from Wheesung, and now a new english version from Ryeowook! This is my all-time favourite song and I think he sings well too. However, my most favourite is still Wheesung's... ^^

Big Mama Lee Young Hyun - Ready for Love

Super Junior & Girls Generation/SNSD- S.E.O.U.L song
Cute MV by Suju & SNSD! =P If I'm wrong, this song & MV are produced to promote seoul, the beautiful capital/city of Korea.

We Fell In Love[Ga-In(Brown Eyed Girls) & Jo Kwon(2AM)]
[Extracted]"We Fell In Love" is composed by Lee MinSoo (who did Abracadabra) and Brown Eyed Girls JeA. The lyrics are written by Jo Kwon, GaIn and Kim EeNa.
Song is also created for the show "We Got Married" to leave memories of them.
All money earned from this song will be used for charity..

Jewelry-Love Story

Thelma Aoyama---“Fall In Love” feat. Taeyang

Thelma Aoyama---“Fall In Love” feat. Taeyang
Ops. Leaked. But never mind, because we can hear this nice song by 2 good R&B singers earlier! XP Love both voices and they go so well together. Can't wait to see the MV...

Thursday, 7 January 2010

[ENG] Taeyang and Daesung cut on “Strong Heart”

Taeyang and Daesung cut on “Strong Heart”(Eng subbed)
Haheho!! Everyone is imitating YG (their boss), so funny!! Taeyang is so cute while narrating the story of tree. =P
The animations added are so appropriate and cute! I want to see their expressions when YG was talking this to them. Seungri must be like (-.-)"", "WHAT??!! Unnecessary branches?" Haheho!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

You're Beautiful [Korean Drama]

Title: 미남이시네요 / You’re Beautiful
Chinese Title : 原来是美男啊
Also known as: You’re Handsome, A.N.JELL
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2009-Oct-07 to 2009-Nov-26


Tae Kyung and On Yu are in search of a new member for their idol group, A.N.JELL. However, Mi Nam suffers an injury at the last moment. So Mi Nyu, his twin sister, is asked to step in for her brother. The rest of the drama follows the behind-the-scenes life of an idol group.


Jang Geun Suk as Hwang Tae Kyung
Park Shin Hye Go Mi Nam (Male) / Go Mi Nyu (Female)
Lee Hong Ki as Kang On Yu / Jeremy
Jung Yong Hwa as Kang Shin Woo

Extended cast

UEE as Yoo He Yi
Bae Geu Rin as Sa Yu Ri (Fan club president)
Kim In Kwon as Ma Hoon Yi (Mi Nam’s manager)
Choi Ran as Choi Mi Ja (Mi Nam & Mi Nyu’s aunt)
Kim Sung Ryung as Mo Hwa Ran
Jung Chan as President Ahn
Choi Soo Eun as Wang Kko Di
Tae Hwang as staff
Yoo Seung Ho (cameo, ep9)


2009 SBS Drama Awards: Netizen Highest Popularity Award (Jang Geun Suk)



Jeremy is always eating something!

Watch online!

Jeremy is damn cute!!! ^^

Nice imaginations by the Manager again. -.-"


Super junior "sorry sorry" parody! Haha!!

Name all the super junior names!

WATCH this!!! This is so so funny man!!! I watched this for several times le. Totally brightened up my day... Nice acting!

Haheho!!! Love all the funny scenes! So jing dian... Love A.N.JELL! ^^

"Without words" By Park Shin Hye. She can sing!

Jang geun suk looks like an uncle. XP

They really can do anything... Hip hoppy style~

The guys are all so pretty!! =D Haheho... Love their parodies...

This is an edited photo. =P To imagine if they were to get married and have baby...

Haheho!! The behind scenes are all so funny...


Friday, 1 January 2010

2009 Gayo Daejun

There are really many awesome and fascinating performances on both nights!! Been watching almost every single one and I've picked some interesting and funny ones which I would like to share with you too~ ^^ You would get to see girls dancing and singing to boys groups' famous KPOP dances and vice versa. Some of them even cross-dressed themselves! Haheho!!

These are the links to watch all the performances:
091229 Gayo Daejun
091230 SBS Gayo Daejun